Discover your business, using Invoice data

Modernise your business

Generating bills manually, using templates with calculation errors costing a lot or standard “One size fit’s all” solutions! Don’t anymore.
Make error free invoices with less effort and time the way you work with Pakkabill, a simple excel based invoicing solution. It adapts to the way you work.Your business look with a whole new digital experience.
Luxury isn’t an expense, its an experience. Experience ease with Pakkabill.

It’s good to be flexible

Thinking of customisation or adding a new field to invoice, do it with ease. Accommodate any business field, add logo, define your colorscheme, font and much more to give your invoice a professional business look with Pakkabill. Let your invoice reflect your business.

Manage BusOps smarter, better

To err is human, but business can’t afford to run on errors. Every invoice is a data,Learn from it,Make informed decisions, address inefficiencies, improve competitiveness and accelerate business outcomes.
Whatever gets measured gets managed, be it sales, purchase or inventory. Generate reports as per your needs. Get better business insights.Derive highly effective decisions using your data. Save big on compliance, audit costs.

See your business visually

Get sale, purchase data to access your monthly GST liability or to file your GST returns.

Interface with other Accounting software(s)

Using accounting package(s) to maintain your accounts. Get output in excel format to import in your accounting package


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CS Jitendra Lekhwani

CS Jitendra Lekhwani Practising Company Secretery

Simple to Use

Raising GST Compliant invoices manually on daily basis was cumbersome and time consuming. With Pakkabill, raising GST complaint invoices becomes easy and faster. It also provides detailed GSTR report(s) in one sheet. Pakkabill is very beneficial, an easy to use and economical utility.

Rupesh Srivastava

Rupesh Srivastava Front line Group

Awesome Customised Product

We were using one of the accounting software earlier and were facing a lot of issues pertaining to customisation and performance. We were looking for an alternative and came across Pakkabill. We didn't face any problem while using the Pakkabill software, as it is very user freindly and customised as per our requirements. You supported our team for all queries and issues. The most amazing benefit of Pakkabill is that it auto generates GSTR-3B, GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 reports. If data is filled properly in Pakkabill, then there is no need of any other software. We wish Pakkabill a big success....

Mr. Vikrant

Mr. Vikrant EVI Technologes

Useful software

I observed that, the person who have good hands on excel will use Pakkabill very efficiently. For me, initially it was little bit difficult to solve few issues own my own due to short hand in excel, but later it is useful as other account software. Thanks Mr. Pankaj K.

Why Pakkabill

Over years, customers across the country have put their faith in us and we tried to surpass their expectations.

Proven concept in use for more than a decade
Prototype testing phase spam over 7 years before launch in year 2017.
Expert team
Team having 20+ years of industry experience and domain knowledge.

Business savings
No major investment in any software or training(s), its simple to use and easier to learn.
Best PAN India online support to assist in needed.

Digital experience your business deserves. Start your journey now.

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