About PKA Consultants

Information Technology and Digital India initiatives of the government completely changed the way, today people do business. PKA Consultants is a combination of technology and consultancy knowledge in GST domain. Our Invoice utility, “PakkabillTM” not only helps businesses prepare GST compliant customised invoices, but also provide customised extensive reports to easily file GST returns and intuitive dashboard to provide relevant insights about business.

At PKA Consultants, we firmly believe in the power of SYSTEM (Save yourself Time, Energy & Money) approach to work and simplicity.

Our clients, spread across multiple states in India, range from start-up entities to large businesses across varied Industry segments like Manufacturing, Trading, Facility Management services, Professionals and Travel industry. It is our continuous endeavor to ensure that our clients receive best of the services, to let them grow their business.


Helping businesses make customisable digital invoices, the traditional way.


Visible business growth