Invoice – The measure of Sale


Business owners are drivers of their business and Invoices are an inherent part of any business, be it manufacturing or services. In addition, making invoice is a huge task, especially manual invoicing (be it using printed billbooks or using MS-Excel / MS-Word templates etc.). The surprising fact is that most businesses around the world are still making manual invoices.

Businesses must understand that making manual invoices are time-intensive and often error prone. It is imperative to know that digitization makes sense in this digital era.


 Labour Intensive
Referring to past records turns out to be a tedious task at times
 Margin of Error
Manual calculations could lead to possible errors in computation
 Record keeping
Manual invoices get lost very easily, unless files are stored in the right place


 Clear and Eligible invoices: No more effort required to understand the person’s handwriting
 Instant information: Digital invoices can be easily accessed at anytime
 Reduces Or Eliminates Errors: With digital invoices, possibility of errors becomes minimal. Also, the need for constant checking gets eliminated.
 Easier Audit: Auditing invoices in case of manual invoicing is very difficult. Digital invoices on the other hand are available at all points of time
 Increases Efficiency: When less time is spent on cross referencing, the business efficiency increases

Considering the above mentioned benefits of digital invoicing, a business should consider investing in an Invoice Management Solution that would help reduce data entry costs, errors and time wasting discrepancies.
What GST did for country, Pakkabill envisages doing for businesses. With growing user base to support and validate the concept, Pakkabill is making inroads in the industry, saving the most precious resource, we all have i.e. time.

Pakkabill is an Invoice tool designed for business owners. For us, Ease of user comes first. Pakkabill not only assist businesses in digitising records but also create value for them by providing business reports by bringing the best together i.e. Ease of Use, Digital records, Business reports and increased efficiency.

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