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Spreadsheet based software remains one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. The latest entrant to our product family, MailX1 is an MS-Excel based software, that helps send personalised business communication(s) be it welcome emails, newsletters, announcements, offers, events, business updates / notices, season greetings and much more, using Microsoft Outlook with ease!

Features of MailX1

Send hundreds of messages as easy as one email!
Design your message using MailX1, update the distribution list with Name and Email ID and just click Send button

Make your mailouts really personalized, with personal data
Perform bulk mailing but with a personal greeting for each recipient: Salutation, Name and Surname and his email address in “To” field

Reduce chance of ending up in junk
Mass mails normally end up in junk folder. MailX1 significantly reduces the chance of having your message junked as there is only one address in ‘To’ field.

Establish customer connect
One to one communication helps establish personal connect with your clients, leading to business growth

Why MailX1:
As per a study, Email is found to be 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers, because:
Emails are easily searchable
Possibility of reaching anywhere in the world
Email is, by far, the most effective communication platform between your brand and its audience
MailX1 also help businesses organise contacts and with a strong base of email contacts, its much easier to communicate with your audience.

Subscription Period

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