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    Improve your closing rate!

    We all seem to agree that a solar EPC proposal creation is way too inefficient, involve manual data calculations, missing content, tricky formatting etc.. Not anymore. SolarquoteXPaddresses all such challenges, and there are number of powerful reasons why it should be a first choice for Solar EPC contractors. With inbuilt data calculations and CRM functionality, it helps boost sales and save precious time by leveraging technology to make it quick and simple to build and sign accurate, professional techno-commercial proposals including BOM, commercials, taxes, payment terms etc. And that’s not all…

    Professional proposals

    Formatting business proposals in MS Word / Excel is a time-consuming manual process and may take up to few days to finalize. Eliminate all such formatting hassles to make professional looking proposals with ease rather than spending even more time on damage control when the wrong info gets sent out.

    Maintain your CRM as a single source of truth

    Spending few hours to collate records, every time, just to prepare a report is a thing of past. Get complete records of number of proposals submitted, won or lost etc. in just a click with its in-built CRM functionality.

    Invest in the most important part of your sales process

    Yes, proposal software is an investment. There’s no getting around that, especially when so many sales teams are hacking together a proposal process using free or sunk-cost tools. But when you consider that many of the things sales teams already do are costing the company and wasting valuable resources, the outlay to do things right (and reduce burnout, increase productivity, and close more deals) might be minimal. We know we need to be more efficient with our proposals but we know where to start. Try SolarquoteXP now.

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